Hello! Bonjour! こんにちは

Hello! I'm Gavin, a technical director at DNEG VFX and recent CS graduate from University of Colorado, Boulder.

When I set out to learn programming 12 years ago, I never imagined the immense creativity I could take with it. I've pursued making games, learning the basis of programming over 6 years of self teaching. After refining those skills at Univeristy, I've found a passion in graphics. This led me to procedurally animating some flowers, tessellating a cube into a dragon, mathematically building asteroids out of a Musgrave texture, and simulating a supermassive black hole. And I’m happy to say my journey has only started!

I've been working as a Render TD at DNEG now for somewhat over a year and have learned so much. I understand how light works in the most interesting of ways. How artists work, lookdev, lighting, fx (pyro particularly) - all these interesting and creative disciplines. I've learned the implications and cost of technologies and how to optimize their use on vfx shot work. Everyday I seem to learning something new.

In my off time, I draw. I've been illustrating for just over a year now and am also looking into making a comic. I look forward to the stories I can tell.


When I started creating, I set out the following life-long goals to guide my own work and impact on the world.


Major/final reels throughout the development of my career.

Summer 2022

Summer 2021