Reel Breakdown


Blender 3.2 [Cycles Engine], Adobe Illustrator
  • Procedurally modeled all food assets with artistic parameters to change look/ random seed
  • Shaded physically based materials for all food assets (no textures involved)
  • Keyframed shader parameters on 2D animation for holographic elements and programmed SDF helper functions for these animations
  • Designed Penguin Sticker and shrink-wrapped geometry on top of bowl
  • Created compositing program (node-based) for bloom and partial denoising

Do Witchcraft

Blender [Eevee Engine]
  • Procedurally shaded all materials (No textures involved)
  • Programmed geometry for all animated models (No bones, rigs, or keyframes involved besides spinning dial)
    • Developed (fake) crumbling simulation for paper
    • Modeled entire flower from splines
    • Developed mesh-based fire effect using displacement on sphere
  • Created attributes describing scene time and procedural UV maps as texture coordinates for fragment shaders

Full Technical Breakdown Here


Blender [Eevee Engine], Adobe Substance Painter
  • Procedurally shaded all materials, including smoke VFX
    • Lantern uses texture for base diffuse color made in substance painter; ring details, lighting, and transparency are added on procedurally
  • Created geometry tool for generating flowers with parameters to control petal number, falloff, scale, and rotation
  • Performed cloth simulation with wind field and gravity
  • Performed all modeling and animation
  • Framed all three shots for clear animation

Full Technical Breakdown Here


Blender [Eevee Engine]
  • Recalculated sphere normals for correct refraction to simulate a black hole's lensing effect
  • Procedurally shaded accretion disk for real-time VFX
  • Animated Camera

Full Technical Breakdown Here


C, OpenGL 4.1, glfw3, GLSL
  • Programmed Rendering Engine in C/OpenGL for this and other projects; limited libraries used (glfw3, standard C)
    • Rendering Pipeline
    • Object Framework
    • Portion of Custom Matrix/ Vector Library
  • Procedurally modeled all geometry
  • Created a dynamic tesselation shader based on object position and scale relative to camera
  • Optimized program: performed object and face culling, object instancing, simplex 3D texture sampling (rather than calculating completely) within musgrave texture function
  • Perform all lighting calculations from scratch
  • Performed post-processing from framebuffer to achieve traditional cel animation look

GLSL Shaders Breakdown Here
Full Code and Github Here