Mv:RE(Rendering Engine)

Mv:RE(Rendering Engine)

People: Gavin Zimmerman
Timeline: Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

Rendering Engine; OpenGL Rendering Pipeline and Framework
Tech: OpenGL, C, glfw
Link: Github

Table of Contents

Mv:RE(Rendering Engine)

Mv:RE is an engine for rendering multi-styled 3D scenes for games, animations, and 3D builds. It includes: a 3D object framework and a rendering pipeline for drawing them. All of which are made for C programming.

Mv:RE was developed for those who wish to work closely with OpenGL with additional logic for scene, world, and object systems. Provided with the rendering engine are additional files which compile into an example program [Makefile, main.c/h, camera.c/h, scene.c/h], this provides developers the files to start and become familiar with the engine's framework.


Below are various 3D scenes created with Mv:RE(Rendering Engine). All of which are also created by myself- many of them as homework projects for my advanced graphics course at University of Colorado, Boulder.

1. AZtroid

AZtroid recreates an asteroid field without meshes or textures. Feel free to check out its page on my website.

2. Sight City - Portal

Sight city showcases a mini town scene - all programmed again in C. This particular way of 3D modeling makes an interesting use of variable-shadowing for relative parent hierarchies that make coordinate systems intuitive and easy to use similar to Unity. This showcase also demonstrates Mv:RE's unique portal feature - the feature that actually inspired the project.

3. Sight City - Onion Shield

This is the same scene above, except with post-processing on the ball-shield thing.

4. Dragon Cube

This was a homework project on the week advanced shaders were taught (geometry/tessellation/compute). Since Apple doesn't support compute shaders (nor OpenGL >4.1) and geometry shaders have quite limited use cases, I decided to tessellate a cube into a dragon.

5. Pretty Particles

Finally, here I demonstrate Mv:RE being used to create a particle emission system. This was another homework project for advanced graphics.